The vision of Power Station is the result of collaboration between a global braintrust of boundary-pushing urban placemakers and intensely locally-focused developers. Marrying the past with the future, this group has convened to contribute to Dogpatch through a community dogma of neighborliness, relentless creativity, experimentation, and determined hustle.

We’re so energized by the opportunity presented at Power Station and the community support it has received that we're moving full-steam ahead.
Capital Team
ARCHITECTURE / Residential: Block 7 & 8


London, United Kingdom

Foster + Partners is one of the most innovative architectural and integrated design studios in the world. Since its founding in 1967, the studio has promoted a sustainable approach, auditing projects against global standards and transcending beyond them. For Power Station, Foster + Partners started with fresh thinking tailor-made to the site, our future commercial and residential users, the Dogpatch community, and the Bay Area climate. Its architects and engineers worked together to design the ground-up residential buildings at Blocks 7 and 8.

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ARCHITECTURE / Commercial: Station A, Block 11 & 12


Basel, Switzerland

Herzog & de Meuron is a Pritzker Prize-winning international architecture firm, founded in Basel, Switzerland in 1978. For Power Station, they’ve incorporated innovative materials to re-envision the historic and inspire the new—starting with the adaptive reuse of Station A as a collaborative office and life sciences building. Herzog & de Meuron also designed Blocks 11 and 12 as distinctive, modern complements to the historic relic that is Station A.

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ARCHITECTURE / Residential: Block 7b


San Francisco, United States

Leddy Maytum Stacy Architects is a mission-driven design practice committed to developing complete, well-rounded architects, leaders in the profession, and effective global citizens. The firm promotes an educational transparency of purpose, process, and action. For Power Station, LMSA designed Block 7b, a 100% affordable building between Block 7 and 8 being designed by Foster + Partners.

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San Francisco, United States

CMG is a landscape architecture studio with a mission to increase social and ecological wellbeing through artful design. From micro-parks to master-planned neighborhoods, CMG engages with communities to develop sustainable, inclusive designs that connect people with each other and their environment. With Power Station’s first park – The Point – CMG hopes to create an urban landscape that promotes future-ready ecological function and the democracy of public space.

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LANDSCAPE DESIGN / Power Station Park & Louisiana Paseo


San Francisco, United States

Plural is a boutique landscape architecture studio that believes great places require many different people working together to envision, to build, and to steward them. Everything they do is with reverence and respect, inspired by the fact that great places welcome everyone. Tasked with creating Power Station Park and Louisiana Paseo, they worked with building architects and community partners to design landscapes in tune with the Dogpatch neighborhood.

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San Francisco, United States

Associate Capital is a San Francisco based development shop with decades of combined experience bringing to life some of the City’s largest and most complex developments. These passionate real estate renegades take a collaborative approach to mixed use, in-fill projects. Always focusing on a larger vision, Associate Capital’s master plan for Power Station champions values of community partnership, sustainable design, historic preservation, and future-ready infrastructure.

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Power Station has been envisioned and executed with the advice of community partners every step of the way. As Power Station is built, the Homeless Prenatal Program, La Cocina, and The Y will fill its halls, serving the needs of the neighborhood with child development, recreation, and other social services.